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Want to know more about Breathe Strong training? The book "Breathe Strong, Perform Better" is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of breathing training. This resource is a distillation of twenty years of research and practical experience of breathing training.

"I created 'Breathe Strong Perform Better' because I wanted to place all of my knowledge and experience into one, easily understandable resource that anyone could benefit from. Not only is the content of "Breathe Strong, Perform Better" unique, its approach is too – Part One translates the underpinning science in a way that is easily understood by the non-scientist, whilst Part Two is an easy to use coaching manual."

Professor Alison McConnell, PhD, FACSM, FBASES
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What the experts say

"Breathe Strong, Perform Better" is the only resource for athletic and performance coaches that addresses the importance of breathing and sport. The information presented is in an easy to read format and gives practical and insightful examples on how to implement inspiratory muscle training into both high performance training and in a rehabilitation setting."

Coach Arthur Horne, Strength & Conditioning Coach at Northeastern University, Boston

"Inspiratory muscle training (IMT) is a vital and often overlooked component of a yearly training plan for all athletes. The benefits to performance are terrific and are well worth the investment of time. This book will serve as a guide to help any coach implement IMT into their everyday program and exercise prescriptions."

Coach Dan Boothby, Director of Strength & Conditioning at Northeastern University, Boston

"As a competitive swimmer, and now coach, I've seen many coaching fads come and go in the past 20 years. However, inspiratory muscle training (IMT) immediately struck me as different; it's based on solid scientific foundations that Professor McConnell's writing makes both fascinating and accessible. Many of the concepts she has developed have helped my own training as a Masters Champion and I also encourage all of the swimmers and triathletes I work with to make IMT an integral part of their training."

Dan Bullock, MIOS, Director at SwimForTri UK, Speedo Advisory Coach and World Championship Openwater Medalist

"As a double Olympic medalist and former World, European and Commonwealth Champion, I am acutely aware of the demands of breathing, and perhaps even more so now that I try to lead a healthy and active lifestyle in competitive retirement. When I first read about inspiratory muscle training (IMT), I wanted to implement the methods immediately, and I find the POWERBreathe, invented by Professor Alison McConnell, is an excellent breathing training tool. I have also witnessed the benefits of breathing training that others have enjoyed in sport, as well as everyday life. Breathe Strong by Professor McConnell, whom I first met in 1992, is well written and easy to follow – it contains groundbreaking ideas, based on extensive research over many years. This book is set to change how we view the role of breathing muscles in sport - it's also interesting and useful, and the ideas can be applied in a way practical by anyone."

Nick Gillingham, MBE, Double Olympic Medalist and former World, European and Commonwealth Champion

"Efficient breathing is a fundamental requirement of almost every sport, but it's also one of the most over looked issues by coaches and support staff. I've used many of the concepts and exercises described within Breathe Strong in my own work with elite athletes. For some athletes, the techniques have been so effective that they have been transformed from struggling squad members into Olympic medal contenders."

John Dickinson, PhD, Former English Institute of Sport Physiologist and Consultant Physiologist to international athletes representing Great Britain

"This book is a long overdue and welcome addition to the training literature - if asked all coaches, athletes and recreational trainers would agree that breathing (and all that involves) is a vital aspect of both training and performance, yet up until now this is an area that has not been explored to any great extent. Professor McConnell is a recognised authority in this field and as such brings her extensive knowledge and background research in the area. All this information and experience is summarised and translated into practical advice that the reader can readily applied to their day-to-day training, with an almost instant and entirely positively impact upon their training experience."

Paul Gamble, PhD, CSCS*D, National Strength & Conditioning Lead for Scottish Squash Sports Academy and author of 'Strength & Conditioning for Team Sports'

"Until now, knowledge about Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) has been limited to those working in the fields of medicine and research. This book represents a hugely important step forward in making accessible the vital information that research has yielded about the benefits to overall fitness and performance that IMT can provide. It is also a practical guide to incorporating IMT effectively into a training regime."

Professor Tim D. Mickleborough, Exercise Scientist, Indiana University, and former professional triathlete

"Breathing exercises have been the foundation of mixed martial arts for centuries - for modern sports to ignore the important interplay of breathing and movement is a huge oversight. This unique and easy to follow book is based upon proven scientific research that will help athletes to fulfil their physical potential, whatever their sport. I thoroughly recommend this book to any athlete or coach who is serious about staying one step ahead of the opposition!"

Jack Ade, MSc, ASCC, CSCS, Academy Sport Scientist, Newcastle United Football Club

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